To us, building a business is a truly personal experience.

There may be no shortage of advice, information and networks for STARTING AND SCALING a business but we believe there is no one-size-fits all approach to being an entrepreneur nor growing a  business.

We help you be the best you can be and grow a business with impact.  And, best of all, you do this in the company of like-minded entrepreneurs who take the development of themselves as seriously as they do the growth of their business.

Join Triple Twist to harness your entrepreneurial spirit, focus and effort so you:

- expand the potential of your business and gain more freedom in your life

- work on your business, not just in it

- master the fundamentals of modern business growth.

Our three-pronged approach combines mentoring, coaching and co-working in a group of no more than ten other growth-minded business owners and leaders.

Thank you both so much! You were spot on with your feedback. I love your enthusiasm and ambition for me and we are definitely aligned. Thank you for pushing me! I greatly appreciate it.
— Alyson Garrido


Starting in January 2018 you’ll grow yourself and your business with monthly mentoring, coaching and co-working. You’ll cover all a business leader needs to understand and master, and work in a way that gets you into live-action.

  1. Mindset - expand your personal growth, the potential of your business and the impact you have in your community

  2. Strategy - turn your know-how into action for better results through planning, action and accountability

  3. Mastery - focus on your ideal business model, marketing/sales, operations and customer focus to growth your business exponentially with live training and co-working.

I believe the Triple Twist Experience is an excellent forum and format that provides women business owners with the tools and community to achieve elevated results, and feel supported. The tools and workshops provided were excellent and I always came away with an insight that I could apply to my business. And I felt energised to put these into practice.
— Leigh Johnson
Leigh J.jpg

Three Month intensive for personal and BUSINESS growth

Join us for 6 Triple Twist sessions over three months. We meet fortnightly on a Monday, 9.30am-12.30pm, starting on 29 January 2018. These regular intensive and immersive co-working sessions will help you optimise your business and do the work that will get you real results.

Your Fortnightly IN-PERSON Triple Twist Session includes:

  • 60 minute mastery workshop where we teach and you implement on the spot
  • 15 minute hot-seat in the mastermind circle with other Triple Twisters
  • 20 minute 2-1 personal coaching session with Julie and Natalie 
  • Invite to continue co-working at the Kairangi Haven Barn for the rest of the day with your peers to continue to implement
  • Refreshments including tea, coffee, snacks. 

Plus weekly email accountability emails to keep you taking action and making progress, both personally and professionally, so that 3 months from now you will be on a very different trajectory to where you are now.

The Triple Twist experience is for maximum of 8 people 4 more people to ensure an intensive and immersive experience for everyone.

Session Topics


BUsiness Freedom

Session 1
We will begin our 3 month experience with your first mastery workshop where you will work on your business not in it. This 60 minute 'doing' workshop will see you learning from us while actually implementing what we're teaching. 

We will share our methodologies for creating the right foundations for your business, no matter what stage you're at. Starting with focusing on your why, and then creating the right strategy to take you on a journey of growth.


Financial Freedom

Session 2
Grow your revenue and manage your finances.We will look at ways to increase your existing revenue streams, and introduce new ones so that you have more flexibility to invest in your team, infrastructure and future growth.


We will also make sure you have a handle on your financial freedom and know exactly where your Profit and Loss stands...while having fun doing it. 


Dream Team

Session 3

Great businesses can't be built by just you alone. So in this workshop we will look at exactly who you need on your dream team, how to hire them and when.

We will then help you create the right business culture and manage for your team’s growth, including training, handover and tools to work together effortlessly.


Seamless operatioNs

Session 4

Streamline, systemise and automate your business operations and maximise digital technologies.


Nuff said!


DIGITAL Marketing 

Session 5

Maximise your digital marketing, lead generation and sales funnels to get more visibility, credibility and revenue.

We will share how to position yourself as a thought leader or expert in your space, and how to build a brand around you and your company's offerings and reputation.


Personal Growth

Session 6


We will finish off by setting you up with a personal daily routine that gives you the freedom to work on what's most important, gets you in flow and gives you the ability to stay focused and strategic on your path to business freedom.

Your investment:

Complete Triple Twist Programme Package payable in advance: NZ$700 plus GST

Pay as you go Triple Twist Programme Package payable fortnightly: NZ$149 plus GST

The Triple Twist experience is for maximum of eight to ensure an intensive and immersive experience for everyone. If your application is accepted we will contact you and make arrangements for payment and give you the full details to get started.